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  About College of Engineering 
About College of Engineering

National Formosa University in Huwei was formally founded and officially approved on February 1, 2004 by the Department of Education Administration Bureau as one of therenowned universities of science and technology in Taiwan.At the present time, the college of engineering is composed of seven departments and four graduate schools.
The number of teachers in the college is approximately one hundred and thirty-one.Student numbers, including day-time, night-time, community education, are approximately five thousand.
  1. The number of Master's degree student is approximately eighty.
  2. The number of official staff is approximately fifty.
  3. The number of Doctoral degree student is approximately nine.
  4. The number of staff is twenty-seven.
The college's two graduate schools are the Institute of Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering, and the Institute of Materials Science and Green Energy Engineering.Two additional graduate schools, School of Innovative and Precision Engineering Technology and School of Aeronautics and Electronics Technology,have been approved to begin on fall, 2007.
The seven departments in the college of engineering are given in sequence as follows:
  • Power Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical and Computer Aided
  • Engineering, MechanicalDesign Engineering,
Materials Science and Engineering, Automation Engineering, Vehicle Engineering, and Aeronautical Engineering.

The research focuses in the college of engineering at the national FormosaUniversity are mainly on four different areas including

  1. Precision Mechanical Engineering,
  2. Micro Electromechanical Engineering.
  3. Materials Science and Green Energy Engineering and,
  4. Flight Technology and Transportation Engineering.