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Wenyuh Jywe


Engineering Metrology ,Micro / nano measurement, machine tool calibration and error analysis, electrical discharge machining, automated measurement techniques


886-5-6315300 (Office) ,05-6315400 (Lab)


No.64, Wunhua Rd, Huwei Township, Yunlin County 632, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

University of Manchester, UMIST, Dr Institute of Machinery Manufacturing

UMIST University of Manchester Institute of Machinery Manufacturing Master  

National Taipei Institute of Mechanical Engineering, Section 5 specifically

National Formosa University     Collage of Engineering
National Formosa University     Distinguished    Professor
National Formosa University Institute of Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering, Institute of Electro-Optical Engineering,and Department of Automation Engineering    Chair professor

National Formosa University   Distinguished    Professor Specially Appointed 2006~2008
National Formosa University Chair Specially Appointed 2004~2006
National Formosa University Professor Specially Appointed 2004,02~prsent
National Formosa University Professor Specially Appointed 2000,08~2004,01
National Formosa University Associate Professor Specially Appointed  1997,07~2000,07
National Hu-wei Institute of Technology Associate Professor  Specially Appointed  1992,08~1997,06
National Formosa University RSH Preparatory officeDirector adjunct  2006,102007,07
National Formosa University Precision Machine Center Director adjunct 2006,102007,07
National Formosa University Dean of Research and Development adjunct 2003,08~2006,1
National Formosa University Secretary - General adjunct   1999~2003,07
National Formosa University
Automation Engineering
adjunct 1997,07~1998,07
National Hu-wei Institute of Technology
Automation Engineering Division
adjunct 1996,08~1997,06
BENQ Corporation  engineer   Specially Appointed 1985,11~1986,11

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